Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is a luxury river cruise company that operates in Europe, Asia, and Egypt. Uniworld is known for its elegant ships, personalized service, and immersive shore excursions. Some of the features of Uniworld cruises include:

  1. All-inclusive amenities: Uniworld offers all-inclusive pricing that covers everything from meals and drinks to shore excursions and Wi-Fi.
  2. Unique itineraries: Uniworld offers a range of unique and immersive itineraries, including themed cruises focused on art, wine, or wellness.
  3. Luxury accommodations: Uniworld’s ships are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, featuring elegant decor, spacious staterooms, and modern amenities.
  4. Exceptional dining: Uniworld’s chefs use fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to create gourmet meals inspired by the regions visited on the cruise.
  5. Personalized service: Uniworld’s crew members are trained to provide personalized service and go above and beyond to ensure that guests have a memorable and enjoyable cruise experience.

The cost of a Uniworld river cruise can vary depending on the itinerary, ship, and stateroom selected, but prices typically start at around $3,000 per person for a 7-day cruise. Uniworld also offers special promotions and discounts throughout the year that can help lower the overall cost of a cruise.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises offers a variety of itineraries in Europe, Asia, and Egypt. Here are some of the most popular Uniworld cruises, along with a general idea of their costs:

  1. Enchanting Danube: This 8-day cruise takes guests along the Danube River from Budapest to Passau, with stops in Vienna, Bratislava, and other charming towns along the way. Prices start at around $3,999 per person.
  2. Bordeaux, Vineyards & Chateaux: This 8-day cruise explores the wine regions of Bordeaux, France, with visits to vineyards, wine tastings, and opportunities to explore charming French towns. Prices start at around $4,299 per person.
  3. Imperial Waterways of Russia: This 13-day cruise takes guests along the waterways of Russia, with stops in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other historic cities. Prices start at around $6,999 per person.
  4. Gems of Northern Italy: This 10-day cruise explores the beauty and culture of Northern Italy, with stops in Venice, Verona, and other picturesque Italian cities. Prices start at around $4,399 per person.
  5. India’s Golden Triangle & the Sacred Ganges: This 13-day cruise combines a visit to India’s iconic Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur) with a cruise along the sacred Ganges River, with stops at historic temples and monuments along the way. Prices start at around $7,999 per person.

It’s important to note that these prices are just general estimates and can vary widely depending on the specific itinerary, stateroom selected, and time of year. Additionally, Uniworld may offer special promotions or discounts that can lower the overall cost.